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Duramax shed promotionThe 6'x6' StoreMate is ideal for most backyards, made by DuraMax, one the world's top vinyl and portable building makers. No other building is available at this size and affordable price with such high quality construction and design.

The shed has wide double doors and is easy to walk into with a side wall height of 1.83M. The strong metal frame and vinyl panels are complemented by metal structural roof supports. A sturdy floor is included with the shed, no need for a concrete slab.

DuraMax has created the most attractive line of vinyl sheds on the market today. The deep brown vinyl simulated wood shingles have a realistic wood grain finish that is also on the doors. Most Landera customers keep the maintenance-free vinyl exterior as it is, but it can be painted your choice of colors with a high-grade exterior acrylic latex paint.

The StoreMate vinyl shed can be easily assembled by two people in just 2-3 hours with common household tools as all parts are pre-cut, drilled, and numbered. DuraMax stands by the quality of its construction, as the 15 year limited warranty is among the longest in the industry.

The StoreMate is an ideal outdoor storage shed: it’s fire retardant; won’t rust, rot, dent or mildew; it never needs painting; and it will last for years to come.


  • Nominal Size: 6' x 6'
  • Exterior dimensions: 1.86" width x 1.87M depth x 2.13M height
  • Side wall height: 1.83M
  • Double doors for easy entry: 1.54M width x 1.78M height
  • Durable wall panels are virtually maintenance-free and only need to be washed with a hose periodically
  • Includes molded vinyl floor15 Year warranty
  • Includes 2 vents
  • Includes 1 fixed window embedded in a panel that can go on either side or the back wall
  • Vinyl sheds won't rust, corrode, or be dented like metal garages
  • Vinyl sheds won't fade, rot, or be susceptible to mildew like many wooden garages
  • Does not ever need to be painted, though customers can use a high-grade exterior acrylic latex paint to get the color of their choice
  • Wind-tested when properly anchored to the ground
  • Door handles with padlock eyes included
  • Metal reinforced roof support truss system and columns for superior strength and rigidity
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel frame parts
  • Strong metal structure can withstand 20 lbs. per sq. ft.  of snow load
  • Designed for easy assembly with ordinary household tools as all parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and numbered
  • All that is needed is a level surface that is at least the size of the exact exterior dimensions
  • Elegant design to fit any home or workplace
  • All necessary hardware is included along with illustrated, step-by-step manual
  • Unit can accept standard shelving kits and hook accessories found at local home centers


The assembly is simple, clean, safe and can be completed in 2-3 hours with two people.  
All parts are pre-cut, drilled and numbered for ease of assembly. All you need to provide is a level surface of either wood, earth or concrete, the size of the desired building.


About uPVC

uPVC actually stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride.  uPVC is also commonly known as rigid PVC and it is called this because it is hard and does not flex. This material does not contain any phthalates or BPA, so it is actually quite safe. uPVC is so stable and safe that it is actually used to make dental retainers and mouthguards!

Uses for uPVC

uPVC is actually becoming a very common building material and thus you’ll find that it has lots of uses. 
uPVC is used for the following things, amongst others:

  • Window frames and sills
  • Doors
  • Fascias
  • Cladding

Advantages of uPVC

There are several advantages to using uPVC in the home.  As previously mentioned, it is a very safe material, so it can be used to transport water, or in items that are designed to go in the body without fear of ill effects.  uPVC is also one of the lowest maintenance building materials that you’ll ever find.  It does not warp, rot or rust, even when subjected to the harshest of weather conditions.  It’ll also never fade, and will stay looking good year in and year out.  The colour actually goes right throughout the thickness of the material.  If it gets scratched, you can usually polish out most surface scratches without any issue at all.  All you have to do maintenance wise is to give it a clean every now and again!


uPVC is completely water resistant and it is fire resistant.  uPVC is also completely recyclable at the end of its long lifetime, making it one of the more environmentally friendly building materials.  Builders and tradespeople love to use uPVC as it is lightweight, durable, easy to work with, and cost effective.


Of course, uPVC can also be a very aesthetically appealing material, especially when it is designed to be visible as it is in doors, windows, and cladding.  It comes in an attractive painted timber look finish that is usually white or ivory but advances in technology mean that more and more colours are now available.



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