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Great for small gardens, courtyards and balconies, the SILVER LINE LEAN-TO GREENHOUSE is a superbly designed and carefully manufactured mini greenhouse unit supplied in kit form for easy transport.  SILVER LINE GREENHOUSES are constructed from strong aluminium frames and panels of almost unbreakable clear polycarbonate - a maintenance-free product which will give you hours of enjoyment!  Polycarbonate has greater insulation properties than glass, blocking harmful UV rays but allowing 90% light transmission, resulting in more even humidity and temperature levels inside the greenhouse. 


Features include:

  • Dimensions - 129cm Wide x 68cm Deep x 165cm High
  • Clear polycarbonate panels - virtually unbreakable
  • Panels UV protected
  • Strong extruded section aluminium greenhouse frame with gutter section
  • Secure magnetic door catch
  • Roof vent for air circulation and temperature control
  • Sliding door can be assembled for either left or right hand side
  • Galvanised steel base perimeter frame  - no floor is included
  • There is no back panel, designed to be placed against a wall
  • Simple to assemble, with comprehensive easy-to-follow instructions
  • 5 year conditional guarantee
Greenhouses are becoming more widely used, not only because many people prefer to grow their own vegetables and flowers, but also they are finding gardening a great way to unwind.  Large garden spaces are often not available, and greenhouses are proving an excellent way of increasing crop yields in small areas.  The advantages of using a greenhouse include temperature and humidity contol and protection from extremes of weather as well as protection from physical damage caused by pets and native and introduced animal and bird species.
The SILVER LINE greenhouse units from PALRAM are widely distributed globally and enjoy an excellent reputation for value for money - the robust aluminium extrusion frame system and the virtually unbreakable polycarbonate plastic glazing provide make a great product!