A Gazebo kit will add class to outdoor living

Looking for a quality gazebo kit that won’t break the bank? Click here to purchase a Gazebo kit from us. It is hard to beat relaxing outside enjoying a quiet meal with a glass of your favorite drink – and it is especially enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about the hot sun or […]

What can you grow in your Greenhouse?

Remember eating Cape Gooseberries when you were a child? Popping open the papery cases for that little orange cherry sized fruit…. Have you tried Cape Gooseberries? I’ve grown this plant year round in my greenhouse with great success – it can get a bit big but it’s easy to cut back. Little ones love popping […]

A Heavy Duty garden shed to last a lifetime

HEAVY DUTY GARDEN STORAGE TO LAST A LIFETIME! Our new, premium, galvanised frame, steel garden shed is built and designed for those that want the best. Are you put off by all the cheap, imported sheds currently on the Australian market? Well we have a quality, Australian made product that’s sure to impress! Outdoor storage […]

Greenhouse Auto Vent Arm

If buying a greenhouse, you really need an auto opening window. They provide the following benefits: Regulate temperature Promote pollination Control pests Provide fresh air Reduce mildew Regulate humidity Save time and effort After a few hot days over the 30 degree mark, I remember what Summer is like again. While I enjoy Summer type […]

Growing YAMS in Australia? Use a Greenhouse

Something a little unusual to grow in our greenhouses – the NZ yam. These are a very tasty tuber, unknown to most Australians. Having lived in Australia for 16 years after moving from New Zealand – I’m always keen to get hold of commonly grown NZ fruits and veggies that are hard to find here […]

New Outdoor Storage Cabinets

Newly released is the Keter Optima Wonder Outdoor and the Keter Optima Mini. The Optima Outdoor was released a few weeks ago and is proving very popular. It is a modern, all weather resin outdoor storage cabinet designed to take advantage of vertical space in your patio/backdoor area/workshop or garden shed. It has a reinforced […]

Do leaves make good compost?

Did you know leaves can have twice the mineral content of Manure?! Don’t we love the rich warm colours of the autumn leaves at this time of year? But as we head into winter, those leaves can pile up thickly on the ground and turn into a brown slushy mess. That’s okay if it isn’t […]

Are Cedar Sheds Termite Resistant?

  Will termites eat my Cedar shed? Western Red Cedar has an in-built resistance to termites because of a naturally occurring preservative in the wood. Scientists have shown that Cedar was not only repelling termites but was also toxic to the termites who did try consuming it. Because of this, Cedar is a great type […]

Best greenhouse buy!

Popular best greenhouse buy available at special pricing. The best greenhouse buy is available from Landera again – the SILVER LINE 6 x 8 was a sell out last season, simply because it represents excellent value for money. The robust extruded aluminium frame system is strong and easy to assemble and the polycarbonate glazing is virtually unbreakable. […]

Creating a Balcony Garden

Even if your balcony is only the size of your walk-in robe, don’t despair!  Here are some helpful hints to achieving a dream balcony garden 1. Make your balcony garden an extension of your indoor space   A balcony garden has the greatest impact when it is an extension of your indoor space. Think of it […]

Planning outdoor areas.

Winter time is a great time for planning outdoor areas Time spent in the garden during the winter months tends to be strictly maintenance-only mode – it is a bit difficult to get enthusiastic when your fingers and toes are numb. But you can easily find an hour or two during the winter months to do some […]

Window boxes in Acorn Street

Window boxes are an interesting feature in Boston’s most famous street One of the staff members from Landera recently visited the US and spent an interesting day exploring Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts. This area is one of Boston’s oldest communities and retains many of the features of a bye gone era – narrow streets of conjoined […]

New plastic garden shed – PENT 6 x 4

A new plastic garden shed from KETER provides storage where space is at a premium. A new plastic garden shed, the KETER PENT 6 x 4, is specifically designed to meet the need for economical compact outdoor storage in situations where space is at a premium. With a floor area of almost 2.0 square metres and […]

New outdoor storage box

Keter’s new NOVEL outdoor storage box is a modern classic The new outdoor storage box released by Keter – the NOVEL – is an attractively designed unit which offers 320 litres of weatherproof protection space for household items such as outdoor bench and deck chair cushions, hand tools, toys and sports equipment. And not only […]

Playground storage for kindergartens

Plastic outdoor playground storage boxes and cabinets keep areas tidy and safe Safe playground storage for toys and equipment is always a priority at kindergartens and preschools. The range of options available is quite large; manufacturers such as Keter and Suncast specialise in plastic outdoor storage solutions such as boxes, benches and cabinets and these […]

Greenhouses – gardening in the winter

Greenhouses protect your plants and extend the growing season   Greenhouses seem to be near the top of every gardener’s wish list this time of year! Protecting young and delicate plants from the cold winter wind and rain is a priority. As well as simply protecting plants, however, greenhouses are very effective in extending the […]

Outdoor storage options

Saving space inside the home is one reason people are considering outdoor storage options. Looking to reduce clutter inside the house or tidy up the yard? The outdoor storage options available these days range from small weatherproof cabinets through to tools sheds which are quite large garden sheds. With space inside the home at a […]

KETER STORE-IT-OUT MIDI outdoor storage cabinet

The new KETER STORE-IT-OUT MIDI has your gear covered! The KETER STORE-IT-OUT MIDI is a new outdoor storage unit ideally suited to poolside or courtyard situations. Its internal storage dimensions are 1210mm wide x 640mm deep x 1000mm high, providing capacity for protection and storage of a wide range of household items from pool equipment […]

Tool shed from Keter – special bonus deal!

Looking for a tool shed? Bonus deal makes FACTOR plastic garden sheds even more attractive. The new Keter FACTOR range of plastic garden sheds provide a good quality solution to your outdoor storage needs. Sizes range from the FACTOR 6 x 3 which is a compact 1780mm x 1135mm right through to the FACTOR 8 […]

The Willow garden shed is a winner

The new Willow 8 x 12 timber garden shed from Landera makes an excellent studio or workshop. The popular Cedar Shed range from Landera has recently been augmented with the introduction of the WILLOW 8 x 12. This quality timber garden shed was developed as a result of numerous requests for a modified version of […]

Greenhouse best buy!

Popular greenhouse best buy available again – new shipment. The greenhouse best buy is available from Landera again – for delivery in early June! The SILVER LINE MYTHOS 6 x 8 was a sell out last season, simply because it represents excellent value for money. The robust extruded aluminium frame system is strong and easy […]

Does a greenhouse help plants grow?

Is a greenhouse a cost-effective way to grow plants? Does a greenhouse help plants grow? The question often comes up; just how effective are greenhouses? In other words, will the results you obtain in increased yields and quality justify the expense outlaid in buying and installing the greenhouse? Well, here we have a case study […]

Neat storage for laundry and garage

New Keter XL PRO cabinet offers neat storage for laundry and garage situations Finding suitable storage for laundry and garage situations can be a real challenge – and the new XL PRO cabinet from Keter offers an excellent solution. Specifically designed for use inside the home, the XL PRO provides secure and strong storage as […]

Which are better, plastic garden sheds or steel?

Plastic garden sheds are becoming more popular and widely used in Australia Nearly every residence in Australia, from farming properties right through to apartments and units, has a need for some form of outdoor storage, such as garden sheds or cabinets. Some items like lawn mowers and garden implements are simply not the sort of […]

Drinking water is an essential step to well-being

But drinking water instead of other things can be a challenge We all know that drinking water is essential for our well-being, but many of us prefer to drink it mixed with other things such as coffee, tea or soft drinks (which are often loaded with sugar) simply because we think they taste better. Given […]

The answer to covering an untidy fence

Covering an untidy fence or wall a problem? Covering an untidy fence is a problem that confronts many home owners from time to time. It isn’t always practicable to replace that fence or render and paint that wall. And it takes too long for that grape vine to grow large enough to do the job […]

The Richmond timber garden shed

Richmond 6 x 4 – the new timber garden shed from Landera The range of timber garden sheds available at Landera has expanded with the introduction of the Richmond 6 x 4 from Landera. This unit is specifically designed to provide for smaller spaces in courtyards and situations where storage opportunities are at a premium. […]

Why filter your tap water?

Town water is safe, so why filter your tap water? People often ask; why should you filter your tap water? After all, the local water board goes to great pains to ensure that the water coming from your tap is safe to drink. And it is true that generally speaking here in Australia we are […]

Making compost

There is a bit more to making compost than throwing your scraps in a bin Compost is basically decomposed organic substances such as garden waste and kitchen scraps. Any organic material will decompose in time. This is happening constantly in nature, and composting is really just a method of speeding up the natural processes of rotting. […]

Need somewhere to store mops and brooms?

Outdoor storage solutions for those need somewhere to store mops and brooms … and buckets and …! The COMPACT SHED is no longer manufactured, it has been replaced by the Optima Wonder, click here to view it and buy online. It’s just a fact of life – there is never enough room inside the house […]

How to stop animals eating your plants

A greenhouse answers the question: How to stop animals eating your plants? You probably know the feeling well. Your tomatoes or strawberries are nearly ready to pick – you have carefully watered and cared for them ever since you planted them, and now in just one or two more days you will be able to […]

Greenhouse growing

Growing in greenhouses – stress-free and healthy! Gardening at home is rapidly becoming one of the most popular pastimes in the world. It is a great way to relax and it is fascinating to watch your own flowers, vegetables, herbs and spices grow from week to week. Using the greenhouse helps you to extend the […]

Compost Mixer 230 composter – winning design.

  Great composter design makes life easier!   The KETER Compost Mixer 230 is a new design concept which helps you to convert organic garden and household waste into compost for fertiliser quickly. The outstanding design feature is the geared turning handle which allows the drum in which the composting material is held to be […]

Timber garden sheds easy to install

Quality design and manufacture makes assembly of Cedar Shed range of timber garden sheds easy The Landera range of Western Red Cedar Garden sheds is manufactured in Australia.  This range offers a high quality alternative to the more commonly used zinc or colour garden sheds. Cedar Shed products offer size alternatives from 1.93 x 0.94 metres […]

Greenhouses worth taking a serious look at!

Silver Line MYTHOS 6 x 8 greenhouses feature twin-wall glazing   If you are interested in greenhouses for your garden, it would be well worth your while considering the new Silver Line Mythos 6 x 8 which is currently on sale at Landera. This greenhouse features the same robust and durable framing system as the […]

Wooden garden sheds

Cedar wooden garden sheds prove popular The CEDARSHED range of Wooden garden sheds is proving popular with customers all over Australia. A great combination of good looks and robust construction. They offer an attractive alternative to the usual Zinc or Color steel shed. Although more expensive than the run of the mill metal garden shed, their […]

Balcony gardens – Introduction to Bonsai – Part 7

Bonsai for balcony gardens – tips for maintenance and enhancing appearance This is the last in the ‘Introduction to Bonsai’ series from Chris Xepapas at Heritage Bonsai. He refers to the importance of the root structure in bonsai – not only from a horticultural perspective, but also because the visible root structure is a vital […]

Mini greenhouse for patio and balcony gardening.

Grow Deck mini greenhouse – a tidy and effective garden option The Grow Deck mini greenhouse from the Silver Line range is a great solution if you are looking for a neat, compact unit to grow smaller flowers and vegetables or to propagate plants in space-restricted areas such as balconies, patios and small courtyards. With […]

Balcony gardens – Introduction to Bonsai – Part 6

Bonsai does not need a greenhouse – ideal for balcony gardens In this blog Chris Xepapas explains the process involved in developing a bonsai tree from seed.  He has chosen a Japanese maple as an example – one of the most popular trees for bonsai. Propagation – when planting the seed keep in mind that […]

Greenhouses – a brief history

Greenhouses have been around for 20 centuries! Greenhouses have been in use for at least 2000 years. The earliest examples of course were not anything like the polycarbonate plastic greenhouses available today, but the basic concept was the same – to provide an environment which protects plants from the extremes of cold and heat, winds […]

Outdoor storage – new Woodland High from Keter

The new Woodland High plastic shed is a winning outdoor storage solution! The new Woodland High plastic garden shed manufactured by Keter is a stylish vertical outside storage cabinet with a wide double door opening.  Constructed from quality UV-stabilised polypropylene resin, the Woodland High is a sturdy and secure solution to storing household items outside. […]

Balcony gardens – Introduction to Bonsai – Part 5

Adding bonsai to balcony gardens – what tools do you need? In this blog, Chris Xepapas from Heritage Bonsai discusses the tools you need to create and maintain bonsai. While there is quite a selection of specialised tools which have been developed for use with bonsai, most can be improvised from common garden or household […]

Weathervanes – customer product review

As an interesting garden accent, weathervanes are worth considering The ACCENT weathervanes are a great addition to any property. Manufactured from cast recycled aluminium with a black powdercoat finish, they will last a life time. A customer from South Australia has recently installed one and writes: “I bought this weather vane for my wife and […]

Balcony gardens – Introduction to Bonsai – Part 4

Bonsai for balcony gardens – wiring techniques for shaping Bonsai has been described as “a curious mixture of horticulture and art”. As well as the basic horticultural principles needed to maintain a tree in a healthy condition, there is also a number of special techniques used to transform ordinary trees and shrubs into works of […]

Greenhouse glazing – glass or polycarbonate?

Glass and polycarbonate both have advantages for use in greenhouse or patio cover glazing situations. So which is better overall? Traditionally, greenhouses have been glazed with glass – glasshouses in fact. In recent years, however, advances in technology have resulted in the development of plastics such as acrylics (e.g. Perspex) and polycarbonates (e.g. Lexan or […]

Balcony gardens – Introduction to Bonsai – Part 3

Bonsai for balcony gardens – an overview of bonsai styles This week’s article about bonsai as a feature in balcony gardens focusses on the recognised styles of bonsai trees. Bonsai is a highly developed art form, and over the centuries practitioners have found it convenient to classify bonsai into broad divisions based on their appearance. […]

New OUTDOOR STORAGE BOX is a winner!

Keter’s new PACK & GO is great value for money in outdoor storage box solutions.  Storing household items such as toys, sporting equipment, garden tools – the list is almost endless – is always a challenge. There never seems to be enough shelf and cupboard space inside the house! Outdoor storage box units are a […]

Balcony gardens – Introduction to Bonsai – Part 2

Bonsai is a great opportunity for balcony gardens Welcome back to the ‘Introduction to Bonsai’ blog with Chris Xepapas, an expert with many years experience and a real passion for bonsai. This week Chris is focussing on the types of trees used for bonsai – interestingly these include native Australian tree types which are not […]

Balcony gardens – bonsai is ideal for small spaces

Balcony gardens are often used by people in apartments and units Living in apartments and units is the lifestyle of choice these days – for many proximity to work and recreational opportunities as well as low maintenance are a priority. As with most things in life, this involves a trade-off – in this case, limited space […]

Outdoor Storage Cabinet – Keter’s neat compact solution

Unbeatable value on outdoor storage cabinet, KETER’S COMPACT SHED WITH PEGBOARD Trying to find a good quality compact weatherproof outdoor storage cabinet? Every so often a manufacturer comes up with a product that just ticks all the boxes – and the COMPACT STORAGE SHED WITH PEGBOARD from the global manufacturer Keter is one of these. […]

Plastic shed for narrow spaces – new from Keter

The new Factor 4 x 6 plastic shed is designed to maximise use of space SHEDS FOR NARROW SPACES Many residential properties, especially in inner-city areas, have quite limited outside space available for storage units. The new Keter Factor 4 x 6 plastic shed is designed specifically to provide secure and weather proof storage for […]

Greenhouses – outdoor living opportunities

Greenhouses are being used for outdoor living areas as well as growing plants The traditional use for greenhouses is, of course, propagating and growing flowers and vegetables. Today, there is an increasing interest in using greenhouses, particularly the larger sizes. They are used as covered outdoor areas for relaxation – for hot tubs, cafe table […]

Outdoor storage box – new deck boxes from Suncast

New wicker style outdoor storage box range from USA   SUNCAST RESIN WICKER DECK BOX DBW9200 One of the top manufacturers of outdoor storage box and cabinet units in the US has released a new wicker style range.  These deck boxes, designed for weather-proof outside storage, are made from high quality poly resin plastic which […]

Mini greenhouses – ideal for today’s lifestyle

Everyone has room for a mini greenhouse, and there is a great range to choose from!   SILVER LINE PLANT INN Mini greenhouse units are a great solution – most people have the urge at some time to get involved in growing plants; kids are fascinated with the process and love to have their own […]

Outdoor storage – for everything including the wheelie-bin!

Plastic outdoor storage solutions are available for most residential situations BIKES BINS + MORE Outdoor storage units suitable for everything from garden tools, fertiliser and hoses to sports equipment, bikes and toys are becoming available in an ever-increasing range of shapes and sizes. Many of the more popular and attractive of these answers to the […]

Plastic garden sheds – new product range available

Polycarbonate plastic garden sheds wall and roof panels are practically unbreakable Using polycarbonate for wall and roof panels of plastic garden sheds is a new application for one of the most incredible plastics ever invented. Polycarbonate was discovered in 1953 by Dr. H. Schnell at Bayer AG, Germany, and by one of those strange coincidences, independently a week […]

Outdoor storage – space saving ideas make sense

Weather-proof outdoor storage box, cabinet and bench units are widely used to maximise storage space Outdoor storage is becoming a viable option in many situations with the development of a wide range of weather-proof boxes, cabinets and benches. Space is often at a premium in today’s homes, and using a corner of the patio or […]

Greenhouse assembly – ease of assembly is important when choosing a product

The SILVER LINE range has the major benefit of being designed for easy greenhouse assembly When choosing a kit form greenhouse, assembly is one of the most important factors to consider; at least as important as price. Because of the fact that greenhouses are fairly complex structures with a relatively large number of parts, there […]

Greenhouse Opportunities for Courtyards and Patios

Greenhouse opportunities for courtyards and patios are becoming more important as the percentage of the population living in urban areas increases world-wide, and the move is to apartments and unit developments where space is at a premium.  This shift has many benefits including low property maintenance, proximity to employment, cultural and recreational activities and low […]

Hose Holders – a touch of quality and style

Cast aluminium hose holders – robust and rust-free It is interesting what catches our attention – a very well laid out and maintained garden can be let down by a small detail such as a cheap plastic hose holder. However, the good news is there are quality options available that are stylish, strong and long-lasting. […]

Weathervanes – feature accents that add interest to your property

Weathervanes have been in use for centuries There is no topic more commonly discussed than the weather! From ancient times people have studied changes in climate and tried to forecast what tomorrow’s weather would bring. The weathervane is one of the first instruments devised to study weather patterns – the direction the wind is coming […]