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The SKYLIGHT 6 x 3 plastic garden shed is one of the new range from PALRAM, a global supplier of quality green houses and storage solutions.  The PALRAM sheds are manufactured from extremely tough polycarbonate plastic which ensures that  they are virtually unbreakable.  
Because polycarbonate is not as rigid as polypropylene resin which is more commonly used in plastic garden sheds, the PALRAM SKYLIGHT units are reinforced with aluminium and galvanised steel frame components for increased durability and rigidity.  Good access is provided with the lockable double doors and an access ramp makes moving lawnmowers and wheelbarrows easy. Assembly is straightforward and requires only commonly used household tools - for a copy of the assembly instructions - CLICK HERE.
COLOURS - available in 2 colours: GREY and AMBER
TOUGH - the polycarbonate wall and roof panels have not only very high impact resistance, they also have good UV stability and can stand extremes of hot and cold weather.
SKYLIGHT ROOF - another innovative feature of the PALRAM SKYLIGHT garden shed is the translucent polycarbonate roof, which allows daylight into the unit.  This makes windows unnecessary, saving cost and increasing security.  The roof is opaque, ensuring privacy and preventing harmful UV rays from damaging stored items.
VENTILATED - vents in the top of the front and rear walls are a standard feature on the SKYLIGHT sheds.
MAINTENANCE FREE - plastic sheds are not affected by rotting, rusting or paint peeling off, and do not require any upkeep other than an occasional wash down to clean off any accumulated dust or dirt.
FLOOR INCLUDED - the anti-slip floor is an integral part of the structure; there is no need for a concrete slab or timber floor structure - all you need is a levelled site.
EASY TO ASSEMBLE - clear and easy to follow instructions are supplied with each unit making installation simple and straight forward.
  • Dimensions: EXTERNAL - 1880mm Wide x 1100mm Deep x 2150mm High
  • Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate wall and roof panels
  • Aluminium and galvanised steel frame components for rigidity and durability
  • Anti-slip floor included as part of the structure
  • Easy access ramp for lawnmowers and wheelbarrows
  • Wide lockable double door for easy access 
  • Front and back air vents for crossflow ventilation
  • Translucent SKYLIGHT roof allows daylight into the unit while maintaining security.
  • Availabe in 2 colours - GREY or AMBER
  • Easy assembly with standard tools
  • Shelves made to fit are an optional extra
  • Maintenance free, attractive appearance


Shelving kit details:
The Skylight Shelf is easily affixed to the inside of your Skylight Shed to increase its overall storage capacity and allows for easier access to items and are designed to be very easy to install. We even include a special bracket that allows for optional corner mounting if desired.

Each shelf has a load capacity of 30kg and up to 10 shelves can be affixed within any shed.

  • Suitable for use in all Skylight Sheds
  • Increases overall storage capacity
  • Allows for ordered display of small items
  • Load capacity of 30kg
  • Assembled Dimensions: 83cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 19cm (H)
  • Max Shelves per panel: 2
  • Max Shelves per wall: 4