The new Factor 4 x 6 plastic shed is designed to maximise use of space


Many residential properties, especially in inner-city areas, have quite limited outside space available for storage units. The new Keter Factor 4 x 6 plastic shed is designed specifically to provide secure and weather proof storage for situations where space is at a premium. Often there is a narrow space between a fence and the house, or a small courtyard corner which could be used for an outdoor storage cabinet or shed, and the Factor 4 x 6 fills this niche.


Access to storage sheds in confined areas is often a problem too. Keter has designed an innovative solution to this difficulty with the ancilliary door arrangement on the Factor 4 x 6 plastic shed. The main door is quite wide enough for most requirements, but if you have a larger item to move in or out, the small ancilliary door to the left of the main door (as shown in the picture below) can be opened also, giving a total door opening of over 870mm, wider than a standard residential doorway.  Of course, features such as window and ventilation are standard, and the woodgrain texture of the poly resin wall and door panels gives an attractive appearance.

The trend today is towards greater utilisation of outdoor space for storage. With the shift to inner city living and the reducing size of dwellings, particularly in unit complexes, storage areas inside the home are becoming more restricted. It makes sense to shift as many items as possible into outdoor storage and free up that valuable space inside the home. With their easy assembly, attractive appearance, low maintenance and integral structural floors, smaller plastic sheds such as the Factor 4 x 6 are rapidly becoming the outside storage solution of choice.

Polycarbonate plastic garden sheds wall and roof panels are practically unbreakable

Using polycarbonate for wall and roof panels of plastic garden sheds is a new application for one of the most incredible plastics ever invented. Polycarbonate was discovered in 1953 by Dr. H. Schnell at Bayer AG, Germany, and by one of those strange coincidences, independently a week later by D. W. Fox at General Electric Company in USA . In the years since, its immense impact resistance and chemical inertness have made it invaluable for an ever widening range of products from cockpit canopies for jet fighters to specialised laboratory equipment. Interestingly, nearly all the new cars made in Europe and USA have headlights glazed with polycarbonate.

Now PALRAM have released the ANTHRACITE range of plastic garden sheds with wall panels and roof manufactured from polycarbonate. Its inherent toughness resists practically any form of impact from cricket balls (even with a test cricketer bowling!) to hail storms – even a determined assault with baseball bats or hammers. Because of this, the polycarbonate plastic garden sheds don’t suffer from the dents, scratches and corrosion that can affect Zinc or Color steel sheds. Plastic sheds simply just look better for longer!

Polycarbonate plastic garden shed panels are not completely rigid – they will give slightly under impact, and consequently galvanised steel tube and aluminium extrusion frame members are used to provide structural integrity. In spite of this added structural detail, the PALRAM ANTHRACITE range is very competitively priced and the polycarbonate plastic garden shed is showing the potential to become a serious contender for the outside storage role in the near future.