Will termites eat my Cedar shed?

Western Red Cedar has an in-built resistance to termites because of a naturally occurring preservative in the wood. Scientists have shown that Cedar was not only repelling termites but was also toxic to the termites who did try consuming it. Because of this, Cedar is a great type of wood to use on garden sheds. Termites will look for alternative sources of wood first, leaving the ‘non-preferred’ Cedar alone. Cedar sheds termite resistance means you can be confidant your shed will be around for many years to come.

And it only gets better….

An exciting feature of Western Red Cedar is its resistance to moisture absorption. A benefit from this is high decay resistance and natural water resistance. This ensures that your shed doesn’t suffer warping or twisting the same as other timbers may do.

And of course, it has good insulation value and smells great, too. It performs far better than steel or other softwood timber. This is good to know if you are going to be spending a fair amount of time in your shed/hobby room/get away!

More and more people in Australia are opting to purchase Cedar wooden sheds. And I can see why.

Beautiful warm wood grains ranging from a light straw colour through to a darker red gives a natural and rustic charm that other man-made materials can’t quite seem to match.

Landera offers a range of Cedar garden sheds that are manufactured right here in Australia. These Cedar sheds are made from Western Red Cedar that is from sustainable forests in British Coloumbia.
We have small Cedar timber sheds for those narrow spots, going right up to spacious sheds that are popular as hobby homes and retreats.cedar-shed-range

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The new Willow 8 x 12 timber garden shed from Landera makes an excellent studio or workshop.

The popular Cedar Shed range from Landera has recently been augmented with the introduction of the WILLOW 8 x 12. This quality timber garden shed was developed as a result of numerous requests for a modified version of the MASTER SHED 8 x 12 featuring a double door set in the centre of the longer wall with an opening window either side.

This layout seems to be ideal for many people; it allows good access to the centre of the internal space and good light distribution for workshop or studio activities. And, of course, the standard options such as the REBATED FLOOR KIT and the HEAVY DUTY FLOOR KIT are available if required.

As with the other timber garden sheds in the range, the WILLOW 8 x 12 is designed for easy installation by the average handyman. The wall panels are pre-made to make the job easier; the actual assembly typically takes about 3 to 4 hours, although this does depend on the amount of site work needed to provide a suitable base for the shed.

The Western Red Cedar VJ panel cladding offers a really attractive appearance as well as excellent weathering qualities, ensuring that the WILLOW 8 x 12 will remain a handsome addition to your property for many years to come.

Richmond 6 x 4 – the new timber garden shed from Landera


The new Richmond 6 x 4 from Landera

The range of timber garden sheds available at Landera has expanded with the introduction of the Richmond 6 x 4 from Landera. This unit is specifically designed to provide for smaller spaces in courtyards and situations where storage opportunities are at a premium.

The Cedar Shed range of timber garden sheds is manufactured in Australia, constructed from imported Canadian western red cedar VJ cladding with 42 x 42mm termite resistant pine framing. The roof cladding is roll formed high tensile Colorbond steel sheet.

An outstanding feature of the Landera range, which the Richmond 6 x 4 shares, is that they are supplied as easy to assemble pre-made panels. This makes assembly and installation a breeze – typically the Richmond 6 x 4 would take approximately 2 hours to construct. Cedar Sheds can be installed on a pre-laid concrete base or on either a rebated floor or the heavy duty floor kit options available. The heavy duty floor kit is particularly useful on sloping sites as it makes installation simple and minimises the need for excavations.

The Richmond 6 x 4 is an attractive addition to any yard; the colonial style door with tinted acrylic glazing and locking to handle as well as the gable roof with overhanging eaves are standard features. Optional extras which are readily available include a double opening door for increased access, and opening window kit with tinted acrylic glazing and a loft shelf unit to maximise internal storage opportunities.

Our experience with the timber garden shed product range has been very positive. Customer feedback regarding product quality has been excellent and the company has demonstrated a real commitment to meeting manufacturing and delivery deadlines. We have no hesitation in recommending these products – as an outdoor storage solution they are well worth considering as an option to the commonly used metal garden shed. Their 10-year factory backed warranty and the proven longevity of western red cedar in outdoor cladding situations, as well as their good looks and overall strength, make a compelling case.

This could be the answer to your storage needs you have been looking for! 

Quality design and manufacture makes assembly of Cedar Shed range of timber garden sheds easy

The Landera range of Western Red Cedar Garden sheds is manufactured in Australia.  This range offers a high quality alternative to the more commonly used zinc or colour garden sheds. Cedar Shed products offer size alternatives from 1.93 x 0.94 metres to 2.53 x 3.64 metres, and are supplied as easy to assemble pre-made panels. 

Installation of the Cedar garden shed products is a relatively simple process. The first step is to choose a nice level site in your yard. The floor position is marked out in a base constructed either using a recommended Stilla rebated floor or by laying a concrete slab. If the site is out of level, a good option to consider is the heavy duty floor kit. This has been specifically designed to reduce site works where the ground is not level.

Once the floor is in position the next step is to erect the pre-made walls. Starting at the front corner, the panels are joined and gables fastened into position. The roof is then assembled on the ground, lifted into position and fastened to the walls. Next the hinges are attached to the door, the door fastened to the wall and the door handle installed. Finally, the corner posts, cover strips, fascias and the ridge capping are attached to complete the product.

As well as the optional rebated floor kit and heavy duty floor kit (which includes a rebated floor), the Landera products can be modified to suit your situation by including double opening doors, opening windows, and handy loft shelves for maximising internal storage. Interestingly, Cedar Sheds, particularly the larger Glendale and Master Shed, are often used for workshops and garden studios as well as for storing household and garden items.

The Cedar Shed range includes the Birch 6 x 3, the Palmwood 6 x 6, the Oxford 6 x 9, the Glendale 8 x 8 and the Master Shed 8 x 12.  For more information, see http://www.landera.com.au/garden-sheds-timber .


Cedar wooden garden sheds prove popular

Wooden garden sheds


The CEDARSHED range of Wooden garden sheds is proving popular with customers all over Australia. A great combination of good looks and robust construction. They offer an attractive alternative to the usual Zinc or Color steel shed. Although more expensive than the run of the mill metal garden shed, their superior appearance guarantees them serious consideration by discerning property owners.

One big advantage is the fact that different floor systems are available. Either a standard rebated timber floor suitable for installation on a firm, level surface or the heavy duty floor kit which includes foundation posts enabling it to be used on sloping sites. This can save a considerable amount of effort in site preparation.

The options of double opening doors and opening windows also enhance the viability of the CEDARSHEDS as an outdoor storage solution. With sizes ranging from the 1.9 x 0.9m BIRCH to the 3.6 x 2.5m MASTER SHED. The possibilities for practically any situation and garden storage requirement are extensive.

Find out more at http://landera.com.au/garden-sheds-timber.