How to stop animals eating your plants

A greenhouse answers the question: How to stop animals eating your plants?

greenhouses protect plants

Possums – they look cute, but they can be a nuisance!

You probably know the feeling well. Your tomatoes or strawberries are nearly ready to pick – you have carefully watered and cared for them ever since you planted them, and now in just one or two more days you will be able to enjoy the incredible flavour of real fruit or vegetables grown in your own garden. So much better than the produce you buy at the supermarket which looks great, but tastes like plastic … You go out to check on the plants one last time, and something has beaten you to them!

This situation is common, even in inner-city suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne. Not only are starlings and blackbirds as well as native birds a pest, but also possums are becoming quite comfortable living in close proximity to people. In addition, some people find that even their own pets can cause a problem, especially if they are investigative by nature!

The good news is that there is a simple way to protect your plants from these predators. Greenhouses are primarily used, of course, to provide optimal climatic conditions for growing flowers, herbs and vegetables, but they are also ideal for keeping all those other interested parties at bay. The SILVER LINE range has units small enough for courtyards and patios ans well as ones suitable for gardens – see . The durable and robust aluminium framing and the virtually unbreakable polycarbonate glazing panels can defy even the most determined efforts of the furred and feathered marauders.

And of course, the benefits of growing vegetables and flowers in a greenhouse are a bonus – you can expect noticeably bigger and better results simply because of the controlled environment the greenhouse provides.