Neat storage for laundry and garage


New Keter XL PRO cabinet offers neat storage for laundry and garage situations

Finding suitable storage for laundry and garage situations can be a real challenge – and the new XL PRO cabinet from Keter offers an excellent solution. Specifically designed for use inside the home, the XL PRO provides secure and strong storage as well as neat and stylish appearance. The cabinet is manufactured from injection-moulded polypropylene plastic and is quite tough enough to handle the rough and tumble of family life and still retain its good looks.

The XL PRO features lockable doors with metal hinges and handles; security is a real concern when you are storing pesticides, weed-killers and other poisonous products, especially when there are small children around. The adjustable shelves are reinforced and can safely carry loads of up to 45kg each, while the bottom shelf can carry up to 70kg! And because it is made from polypropylene, it is not affected by damp conditions – it won’t rust, fade, peel or dent as painted steel cabinets are prone to do.

Find out more about the KETER XL PRO Indoor Cabinet – it might be just what you are looking for!