The answer to covering an untidy fence

Covering an untidy fence or wall a problem?

Covering an untidy fence is a problem that confronts many home owners from time to time. It isn’t always practicable to replace that fence or render and paint that wall. And it takes too long for that grape vine to grow large enough to do the job …

The PlantScape range of vertical garden panels are an ideal solution – inexpensive and easy to install, they are also low-maintenance thanks to their built-in dripper irrigation system. Each kit consists of two panels with four separate potting cells, allowing you to select a range of plants which complement each other and bring colour and a living ambience to your problem area!


Plantscape TERRA

PlantScape TERRA Vertical Garden panels

There are four styles of PlantScape vertical garden panels available – TERRA, LOG, STONE and HEX – allowing you to choose a design appropriate to your situation. More information about the units can be found at . Each panel design allows matching both vertically and horizontally, so multiple units can be used to cover any area. The in-built irrigation drippers make watering your plants simple and water usage is kept to a minimum.

Having a wall of green, living plants to look at is a vast improvement on worrying about an unsightly fence!