Greenhouse assembly – ease of assembly is important when choosing a product

The SILVER LINE range has the major benefit of being designed for easy greenhouse assembly

When choosing a kit form greenhouse, assembly is one of the most important factors to consider; at least as important as price. Because of the fact that greenhouses are fairly complex structures with a relatively large number of parts, there are two main factors which influence how easy they are to assemble. Firstly, the quality of component design and manufacture, and secondly, the quality of the instructions provided.

The SILVER LINE range from Palram is manufactured with ease of assembly specifically in mind. All parts are cut to size, and special tools supplied to facilitate the construction process. The instructions are completely diagrammatic – all step by step line drawn images, (similar to those from IKEA!), and very simple to follow.

There is also another consideration in the greenhouse assembly process – the unit needs to be securely fastened to the ground to prevent it being moved by the wind. The SILVER LINE units have a galvanised steel channel section at the base, and this can be used as a fastening point. A concrete strip footing or timber sleepers set into the ground provide a suitable base for anchorage for the larger units. Units such as the LEAN TO and the GROW STATION can be fastened to a wall as well as the surface on which they are sitting.

The photo below was one of a series sent to us by a very happy customer in Perth – frame completed and glazed; fitting the door was the next step.



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