Greenhouse Opportunities for Courtyards and Patios

Greenhouse opportunities for courtyards and patios are becoming more important as the percentage of the population living in urban areas increases world-wide, and the move is to apartments and unit developments where space is at a premium.  This shift has many benefits including low property maintenance, proximity to employment, cultural and recreational activities and low environmental footprint.  However, quite a few people miss the interest and benefits of gardening – just growing some flowers and vegetables can be a great stress-reliever as well as a healthy way to save money!

The good news is that you don’t have to have a 1000 square metre backyard to be involved in gardening – Landera has several greenhouse options specifically designed for small area applications.  These include the SILVER LINE LEAN TO , SILVER LINE GROW STATION , SILVER LINE GROW DECK and SILVER LINE PLANT INN.

Greenhouses are ideal for gardening if you don’t have much room; neat and tidy as well as providing a controlled growing environment and protection from extremes of weather and pests.

The PLANT INN is particularly suitable for small courtyards, and incorporates a storage cabinet for all gardening tools, potting mix, fertilizers etc, making it a fully self-contained gardening unit.  The elevated garden deck offers a comfortable access level – great for those of us who are not as young as we used to be and also ideal for gardeners in wheelchairs.