Greenhouses – gardening in the winter


Greenhouses protect your plants and extend the growing season


Greenhouses protect seedlings and increase growing rates


Greenhouses seem to be near the top of every gardener’s wish list this time of year! Protecting young and delicate plants from the cold winter wind and rain is a priority. As well as simply protecting plants, however, greenhouses are very effective in extending the growing season, resulting in longer productive life and better yields for your flowers and vegetables.

We published an interesting post a little while ago which described the actual results obtained by a customer in South Australia. This included photos of the vegetables grown inside compared with similar ones grown outside – and it is very convincing evidence of the effectiveness of greenhouses. They are also great for propagating seedlings; ensuring you get your plants off to a good start for the new season.

Greenhouses range in size from the very small mini greenhouse units such as the SILVER LINE cold frames through to quite large walk-in units such as the SILVER LINE 8 x 12. The SILVER LINE products feature strong extruded aluminium frame sections and polycarbonate plastic glazing which is virtually unbreakable. They are designed for strength and ease of assembly and have proved very popular with garden enthusiasts all around Australia. Currently one of the best offers available is the SILVERLINE 6 x 8 which is an ideal size for the average back yard space and is a bargain at $599.00 including delivery!