Hose Holders – a touch of quality and style

Cast aluminium hose holders – robust and rust-free

It is interesting what catches our attention – a very well laid out and maintained garden can be let down by a small detail such as a cheap plastic hose holder. However, the good news is there are quality options available that are stylish, strong and long-lasting.

The Hose Holder range from Landera is selected for style and quality. Visit our hose holder page to view our current range, we have had several styles available in the past but at times our range may vary due to stock availability.

These are sourced from the manufacturer in USA and are made from rust-free recycled aluminium. After casting, each item is hand-finished in an attractive French Bronze patina and individually packed for protection in transit.

Assembly and installation are easy – the units not only add that touch of quality, they will last a life time. And they also solve the problem of having the hose coiled up on the path where you can trip over it in the dark …!.

Hose Holder